Gathering‘round Table

By: Ben  Gross

Last Thanksgiving, around the time I was looking for a place to do my Eagle Scout project, my cousin, Maggie Leonard, invited us to visit Mercy Community Church for their Thanksgiving feast. My mom, my brother, and I went and we helped serve food. Once the food was served, we ate and talked with some of the people who were there that night.   I was so impressed that even though some of these men and women were going through hard times, they were still friendly and wanted to praise God. I loved talking to all of the people and listening to their stories and advice. It really gave me a new outlook on life.

My favorite part was when the people sang and shared some of their favorite songs.  I was very impressed by how Mercy is not just a shelter, but also a church and a place where the homeless community can go to learn new things like art, writing, and, of course, Bible study.  I was so touched by the whole experience that I decided to do my Eagle Scout project there.

I met with Maggie and Chad and we talked about possibilities.  Since sitting at table and talking with people was such a powerful experience for me, we decided that I would build 14 tables for Mercy’s courtyard area.   My hope is that the project will benefit Mercy because the tables will give the community a place to eat or have workshops, including art, writing and music lessons to help express themselves.  People can also use the tables to repack their bags.   Most importantly, the tables will provide a place for fellowship for everyone.  I wanted to add a Bible verse to each table to help inspire the members of Mercy the way they have inspired me.  I am very happy I get to serve this community and I am glad I could have the honor of working for Mercy to glorify God.